NINEBOT BY SEGWAY S2 Gyroroue Mixte Adulte, Blanc, 35 cm

570,96 (Prix constaté le 18 mars 2019, 5 h 27 min)

Poids : 12,3 kg
Taille de la roue : 14 pouces
Poignée coupe-moteur

Expédition sous 1 à 2 jours ouvrés

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Accentuation speed is 24 km The speed limit is activated when power is low to ensure your safety. Accentuation mileage is 30 kmThis varies with the abraser’s weight, ambient temperature, road conditions, and other factors. Vehicle net weight is 11.4 kg Easy to carry for Accentuation portability. Unique blank-canvas design to free your imagination The blank side of the vehicle enables you to customize your vehicle with imagination and creativity – labels, graffiti, paint, it’s up to you. More than trendy Ninebot One S2 provides thousands of dazzling lighting effects, which can be set as required via your Ninebot app, making a fashion statement on the road, while showing the battery’s status with different colors. Withstanding severe weathers The circuit system of Ninebot One S2 is hermetically sealed and provides IP54 rated protégé against harsh environments such as rain and mud. Step on this versatile vehicle and the fun won’t stop ! Dual battery compartments Ninebot One S2 is equipped with two batteries, one on the left side and one on the right. The vehicle still functions when one battery is removed to suit your speed and mileage requirements. Smart Management through the mobile app – your personal collaborateur When Ninebot One S2 is connected to the app on your phone via Bluetooth, you can view riding conditions, debug vehicle parameters, perform a diagnostic of real-time faults, configure personalized settings and firmware upgrades for cloud terminals at any time and any remue-ménage, and improve your riding experience. You can also find a social network, including riding partners and ranking – share the fun of riding at anytime, anywhere. Smart battery management system (BMS) BMS monitors the status of each cell in the vehicle, minimizing faults and guaranteeing that the battery is safe and protected.These features work in conjunction with a power-off incident that includes an alarm function. Powerful inner co
Poids : 12,3 kg
Taille de la roue : 14 pouces
Poignée tuerie-moteur
Connectivité : Bluetooth 4.0
Préférence de la boîte : gyroroue + chargeur secteur (résultat FR) + rallonge de valve + accompagnateur de démarrage rapide

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